Grant County Veterinary Clinic

490 Helton Road
Williamstown, KY 41097



HomeAgain has reunited more than TWO MILLION lost pets! They also send out lost pet alerts and they help guide you through the process of finding your pet. When a pet emergency strikes, HomeAgain members have access to a 24-hour hotline staffed with licensed ASPCA veterinarians. Call for potentially life-saving advice when you need it most.

Spring and Summer are the most common times for pets to get lost. They tend to wander around more when it’s warmer out. Thunderstorms can also scare your pets, causing them to run off. Males are the most likely pet to go missing when they are not neutered, which is also a good reason to get your pets altered.

Although it doesn’t have GPS capability, the good thing about a microchip is when your pet is found by someone and they bring her into a veterinary clinic or animal shelter they will always be scanned. We then check our system to see if it is a pet we’ve seen before. If so, we will contact you, the owner! If not, we contact HomeAgain to find out who the owner is and HomeAgain will contact you.